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Angled offset

I ride everyday all day. These stirrups helped my knees more than anything I’ve tried. Just order my second pair.

Flat Bottom

Great design, beautiful exotic wood, what's not to love.

Going to get my 3rd pair soon. If you've read other reviews, you might be left scratching your head. It's obvious how they go on your saddle, with stirrups, you want your feet flat, not twisted to the side. And they are not "wide." Look at the description, clearly tells you exact sizing of the strirrup. I am not one for anything heavy or oversized, have a narrow foot, am a female rider, and I find these to be just the right weight and width. I use them with a twist in the stirrup by the saddle maker and they keep my foot flat and straight. I get no leg or foot fatigue. I used to use those super deep endurance stirrups made for comfort and I find the Don O.'s to be far superior. The more surface area there is, the more my foot would go numb. With less surface for the ball of my foot (just enough instead), I get no numbness. I did add some grippy pads to the leather cover for a bit of "stick." And spinkled some black glitter into the engraving. It comes matte black otherwise. Other that that, they are beautifully made, got a few made of exotic woods, one with an engraving of the type of rare British native draft pony that I ride. I have another glossy black pair coming soon with a new saddle. Exciting to see how it will all turn out. The company was amazing with all the detail I asked for in my engraved pair. I created a clipping path on my own, sent them the image and it's spot-on. I will include a photo of the first pair I received with a custom Allegany Mountain Saddle. Photo credit to Oregon Horse Center, National Mountain Trail competition 2020 - proof these aren't just pretty, they are highly functional with super technical, dicey riding.


I would like to get a pair of 3" stirrup bolts. All of my saddles have 3" leathers. I don't know why the stirrups got ordered with 2.5 " bolts

Love them!!

Can’t ask for a better stirrup. My second set and will be purchasing more if I ever need to. 🤠

This is my second them

Orrell angled off set

Love the angled offset! I have been searching a long time for a stirrup that will help ease my knee and ankle pain when riding. These have given me a pain free ride!!! Great customer service as well.
Thank you!!

Best ones for me !!!

Can see the detail as soon as you open box ! You really do get what you pay for Ive learned that the hard way ! Hands down best stirrup I’ve had yet

Angled offsets

Love my new angled offsets! Will be ordering another pair for my backup saddle soon!


Exactly what I wanted! Thank you.


I love my Oxbow stirrups!! Beautiful and comfortable!!!

Best yet.

Got 7 pair of your stirrups.
All are angled, but the angled offset is my favorite yet!

No knee pain!!

Hello I love my new stirrups!! absolutely no knee pain. Took my horse to the beach for a good long ride, stirrups felt great.
I am going to order another set for my other saddle with my last name on them.

thank you.

A gift for family member - outstanding!

My son-in-law loved these stirrups! Excellent work!! Highly recommend!!!

Angled flat bottom roper stirrups

Absolutely amazing!! Love them!! Excellent craftsmanship and so comfortable.

Oh yeah!!!! LOVE these oxbows!!

Wow!! Just WOW!! These oxbows are simply a work of art!! They’re gorgeous! I have to admit, I haven’t ridden with them yet...but I’m so excited to try them. I’ve been dressing up an older Marshall cutting saddle and these were a perfect choice. There was even a nice card and a sticker in my! Thank you for making a stellar product.... My hat is off to you...😉

Really like it thank you

Absolutely amazing

I absolutely love these stirrups, also the customer service here is above and beyond everyone is so friendly and helpful!


My stirrups are absolutely gorgeous. I have not had a chance to try them due to emergency appendectomy. I want to buy my husband a pair!


Love them

they are just what I was looking for well made

well made

Engraved Boot Jack

Great. I love it.

Outstanding, love them

Best quality stirrups I have ever owned!

Completely impressed with these! Going to be ordering a set for all of my saddles!

Gunsmoke 2in flat bottom stirrups

These stirrups are simply beautiful and were custom made so I was expecting a longer waiting period but received them sooner than expected! Extremely happy with my purchase thank you so much Dixie 🐴 loves them too