Western Stirrups For Knee Pain

Riding horses with a bad knee, ankle or hip pain can take the excitement and joy right out of it. Learn about the benefits of our various custom stirrup types and how they can help ease your pain and make riding more enjoyable.

Custom Wood Angled Offset Stirrups

Angled Offset Stirrups

Our recommended stirrup type for riders experiencing discomfort in the saddle.
Introduced in 2016 our Angled Offset Stirrups have taken over as being our most popular option and for good reason. A combination of the angle, offset, thick leather treads, as well as being made out of natural wood vs hard metal creates quite possibly the most comfortable stirrup for western saddles. We urge you to read the pages of reviews and give them a try if you are riding with pain.

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Continue reading for an in depth look at each feature.

The Angle

The angle provides a level surface that sits parallel to the ground for your feet to rest. This helps alleviate tension, creating a comfortable position that is easy on your joints and knees as you ride.

The Offset

The offset is designed with extra weight towards the back of the stirrup which in turn helps riders keep their heels down and toes up. This not only helps with balance but coming to hard stops and slides as well.

Natural Wood/Leather

We use extra thick leather for comfortable, premium tread quality. This combined with the alternating wood layers of the stirrup create a more natural feel over hard, rigid metal. (this also means that every pair is completely unique looking due to the various wood grain)

Custom Sizing

For even more added comfort achieve the perfect fit with our multiple sizing options. The correct size stirrups will help immensely with foot position, comfort and control in the saddle.