Western Stirrups For Knee Pain

Western Stirrups For Knee Pain
angled offset walnut


Our recommended stirrup type for riders experiencing discomfort in the saddle due to joint pain.

Riding with knee, ankle or hip pain is definitely not fun (well it may be fun but it's sure not comfortable). Here at Don Orrell Stirrups we may just have the solution for you. Our Angled Offset Stirrups have been receiving amazing feedback from riders for the past couple years and the reviews speak for themselves:

So why is there an angle and an offset and what is the point?

The Angle

The angle provides a level surface that sits parallel to the ground for your feet to rest. This helps create a comfortable position for your joints and knees as you ride.

The Offset

The offset is designed with extra weight towards the back of the stirrup which in turn helps riders keep their heels down and toes up. This not only helps with balance but coming to hard stops and slides as well.